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You know what’s fun? Having to ride in the car with a heavy wooden chair in your lap when you have to pee. #moving #thisisfun

1 week ago

17 year old me. #throwback #LNphotography

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Friday night date with Spider-Man #favorite #spiderman

2 weeks ago

Me and @girl_gracie new condo reminds me of summer camp. #newhome #culvercity

2 weeks ago

Feeling blue. #la #catalog #womensfashion #chriscarol #backtoschoolclothes #blue #photoshoot

3 weeks ago

๐Ÿ™Œ #cupcakes #sprinkles (at Sprinkles Cupcakes The Grove)

3 weeks ago

Chase is short. #siblings (at Yamato Sushi Westwood, Ca)

4 weeks ago

Martha&Mandy ๐Ÿ‘ฏ #bestgalpals #favorite #siblings #losangeles #westwood (at Fat Sal’s Deli)

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In like 6th grade me and this really rich girl I went to school with had a sleepover at her really cool house and we decided to stay up all night and we drank a shit ton of her moms GoGirl energy drinks and ate a ton of red vines and watched Peter Pan and then she found a huge bag of her dad’s expensive chocolates in his office and we ate like all of them and we didn’tย  realize that they were alcohol filled chocolates and then we both got really hyper and then at some point I passed out and I woke up in her backyard on a lawn chair with a huge headache and I went inside and fellย  asleep in her bed until like 4 in the afternoon and then her mom ordered us take out chinese food. That is the story of the first time I got drunk.

1 month ago